The Prep Sheet



What we offer is called Buddha’s Radio Prep-Sheet. Our show-prep service comes with pages of all the information that is worth sharing with your listeners. It is a daily prep-sheet Monday thru Friday. Why search the internet for show-prep when Buddha’s Radio Prep-Sheet has done it for you? We have scoured the internet for the BEST show-prep in the world.

The Formats we serve are Metal Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Rock, Oldies, Christian Contemporary and Country.

It is only $5.00 a month; we bill for 3 months at a time.
Get a Free Issue Email us your Name, Call Letters and Format. Please put ” Free Issue ” in Subject line.  Click Me For Free Issue

Before or After you subscribe Email us your call letters and Format After you do both your first issue will start the next Business Day. Click the link below
Buddha’s Radio Prep-Sheet